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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun May 18 2008 - 12:09:21 UTC

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    --- Greg Roberts <> wrote:
    > I think Kevin uses a 4 inch refractor on his GOTO
    > mount (Celestron?) so Im sure he could add
    > some useful info here.
    That's right, I use a 4 ince refractor, on a celestron nexstar SLT mount.
    I don't dare, try to track satellites using the scope on the mount.
    Why, because I don't want to risk, having the tube hit the mount, as once happened. After which I
    had to send in the mount for repair. 
    The reason I use a wide feild, for satellite tracking, is because of pointing error's in the
    mount. Doesn't matter how much I do a good alignment, the satellites are not placed, close to the
    centre of the feild of view. So having a wide feild, is important to making sure the satellite is
    in the feild of view. Handy on some nights it's clear, when I am working. I just use goto mount to
    track a flashing geo sat, and record the video for later playback. So no need to stare at the geo
    sat waiting for it to flash. Once I know where to look, then I can view it on a night I am not
    But if I am looking at high up satellites, then having not as wide a feild is ok. I just allow for
    error's, when trying to locate the sat. Since they move slow, plenty of time to locate it.
    I have more interest in observing high up satellite, ie geo satellites and such. Not that you
    couldn't tell with my post.
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