Possible Bright NOSS Sighting

From: Marcus Clark (marcus_j_clark@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri May 09 2008 - 21:54:17 UTC

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    Hi!I had an unusual observation on May 1st at around 23:50 British Summer Time in Totnes Devon UK (Lat. 50.432, Long. -3.683).
    Moving from low in WSW to overhead were two bright (> mag 2) satellites seperated by about the same apparent distance as Castor and Pollux (which I originally thought they were until I saw them moving!). One had a yellow tinge and the other a reddish tinge,and as they moved upwards the leading object flared to at least mag 0 and then faded as the other began flaring. They maintained a constant course and relative seperation for the whole period of visibility.
    I at first guessed that this could be  a Shuttle preparing for docking with the ISS since I had observed this  phenomenon before and the objects then had similar yellow and red tinges, but Heavens-Above told me that neither STS or ISS were visible from my location at that time and location so my best second guess was that this was a NOSS duo.
     Can anyone suggest more accurately what these objects were.
    I havn't posted on SeeSat for a long time but it's nice to be back.Sorry that the above observations are so vague.
    All best wishes,
                        Marcus Clark
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