Re: Metop-Flare Predictions

From: Brad Young (
Date: Thu May 01 2008 - 17:40:44 UTC

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    Gehard wrote:
    > Brad,
    > the latest Metop-TLEs still see you getting strong Metop-Flares on
    > 1-MAY-08, 3:12:11 UTC (left forward ASCAT antenna), (Az.87, El.64)
    WOW this was the only thing seen on a very cloudish night. -5 mag estimated, shining easily through cirrus, start at 3:12:10 UT, end 3:12:19. Only Alkaid and Arcturus were visible with it. April was the rainiest on record in Tulsa, glad to see it gone!
    COSPAR 8336 +36.1397, -95.9838, 201 m
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