Re: 4 more globalstar satellites in orbit

From: George Olshevsky (
Date: Tue May 29 2007 - 19:37:17 EDT

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    On 5/29/07, Kevin Fetter <> wrote:
    > The globalstar satellites are in orbit, following today's soyuz launch.
    > One satellite was ejected from Fregat upper stage, followed a short time later, by the remaining
    > 3.
    > Now to see what cat numbers they are given, as more FENGYUN 1C DEB is showing up, on spacetrack.
    Things are pretty screwed up right now, with three catalogue numbers
    assigned to two different objects each:
    31491 is both 2007-019B and 1999-025BWE
    31492 is both 2007-019C and 1999-025BWF
    31493 is both 2007-019D and 1999-025BWG
    The TLEs are also markedly different.
    Thereafter, things settle down, with 31494-31570 being 1999-025BWH
    through 1999-025BZM. Wonder what will happen with those three oddball
    entries. Getting close to 1999-025CAA(!). Yikes.
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