Re: the unid is a bird

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Tue May 29 2007 - 09:00:45 EDT

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    --- Björn Gimle (ComHem) <> wrote:
    > I don't know a way to extract stills from a .wmv
    If you have windows as an operating system, then use windows movie maker. It let's you go frame by
    frame, then capture the still of the frame. That's what I use, then use paint shop pro to get the
    X Y values used by obsreduce, ie where it says camera X Y.
    I have delete the longer video I had capture, after coming to the conclusion it was a bird.
    If I kept it, trying to measure positions wouls have been very difficult. 
    Darn birds, I won't be fooled by you again I hope. At least I managed to get back to where I had
    orignally aimed, to see the pass of the globalstar satellite. Goto saves the day. I have gotten
    way more observing in it, because of the goto mount. Nice to get the R.A and Dec of where I am
    pointed allowing for pointing error's, to run a id on stuff I spot. 
    I wonder what I'll see tonight.
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