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Date: Tue May 22 2007 - 21:43:44 EDT

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    On 5/22/07, tony dinkel <> wrote:
    > I'm sorry, was someone else interested in that issue?  I would not have
    > known about that publication had it not been for this and previous
    > discussions on this list.  I saw Mir and thought my son would enjoy reading
    > about it since it deorbited before he has any memory of it.  When he was
    > very little I would take him outside to watch it go over while listening to
    > their VHF downlink on a receiver.  Like a baby monitor in a tin can.
    > If anyone needs it for their collection I will make it available to anyone
    > who wants it when we are finished with it.
    I'm sure there are plenty of copies of that issue to go around.
    Incidentally, the 1996 issue--the second-last issue of Space Log--was
    probably one of the best. Besides spacecraft details for the 1996
    launches, it carries the colossal Summary Log of Space Launches
    1957-1996: forty years of launches, one by one in chronological order,
    failures as well as successes. Although this kind of information can
    be found in several places on the Internet and on CD-ROMs, I don't
    know of anyplace else that it has been published in book[let] form.
    (Now, of course, there are 10 more years of launches to tabulate.)
    It's a keeper, if you're at all interested in satellite and
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