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Date: Tue May 22 2007 - 09:53:43 EDT

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    SpaceTrack has data for 37 non-debris and 106 debris decays
    in jan-mar 1986. Some of the TLE's are more or less obsolete
    for the decay date listed, three have epochs years after the
    presumed decay!
    Most (?) notable is the Mir rocket, #16610, but its orbit
    was not in range  1986-02-24 18:30 local time.
    SpaceTrack lists no decay TIME, but I ran SkyMap for the
    ground tracks at 17:30 UTC +- 1h over Europe.
    Within about 600 km from Belgium I find these
    non-debris objects:
          1985-098B 1986-01-07
          1985-105B 1986-01-11
          1986-007C 1986-01-18
          1986-007B 1986-01-20
          1985-043C 1986-01-21
          1986-001A 1986-01-22
          1986-009B 1986-02-06
          1986-009A 1986-02-11
          1986-022B 1986-03-16
          1986-023B 1986-03-22
    Two 46 degree objects might have decayed in range,
    but they were among the obsolete elsets.
    I will send the charts to Tristan
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