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From: George Olshevsky (
Date: Mon May 21 2007 - 18:55:41 EDT

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    On 5/21/07, Jos Heyman <> wrote:
    > Whilst I certainly agree that it would be nice to receive those annual
    > booklets again, I don't think it would be a viable project for Northrop
    > Grumman.
    > First of all, how many people would really be interested, apart from George,
    > Greg, Phil Clark, this guy in Spain, perhaps Ted, and then - of course -
    > myself. A pretty limited production run as far as I can see.
    > But then I recall that I looked forward to the TRW space log to start my
    > annual update of my satellite database. The RAE Table and Spacewarn Bulletin
    > I received only carried basic details - TRW Space Log gave me the
    > descriptions of the sat.
    > These days, with the magic of the Internet, I usually get my updates within
    > hours of the launch, and more often than not, I got the description data
    > ready and only have to wait to enter the launch date etc.
    > So, apart from sentimental or collecter's valua, there would be little use
    > for a NG Space Log.
    Yeah, but if everyone could readily get all the data he or she needed
    from the Internet the way you do, why compile a satellite database at
    all? It's always a good thing to have the important info in one place,
    at least to start. What I like about Space Log is that all the space
    programs are covered (except the classified US military ones, which
    are only mentioned in the summary logs, and the corresponding USSR
    Plus, for Northrop Grumman to revive Space Log would be a drop in the
    bucket expense-wise: a few hundred thousand dollars at most, for a
    small staff and printing costs. It was a little corporate giveaway for
    40 years.
    > But I am glad my (small) ex-collection now happily rests with George in San
    > Diego and that I did not dump it to make space on my overcrowded
    > bookshelves.
    I know all about overcrowded bookshelves--but, alas, nothing about how
    to de-overcrowd them(!). They just become more and more chaotic as
    time marches on. Meanwhile, I'll be holding on to that Space Log run
    into the foreseeable future.
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