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From: Brad Young (
Date: Mon May 21 2007 - 14:03:03 EDT

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    Just going through UNIDs sighted this weekend took entire lunch hour. Hope
    to post later, now that I see I can post from home again. Quick highlights:
    OE appeared mated again last night, as we now find from Ted's post is to be
    expected. So by my observation of 3:16 UT 20May, the two craft had rejoined,
    sometime after Ted's last observation.
    Gerhard Holtkamp's predictions for MetOp-A flares have been very good - the
    only time I miss the events is when I'm at a different site, forget, or was
    twice distracted by Landsat-4 (13367) flaring. Friday night, both flared to
    -5 within minutes of each other - sweet.
    Since it is clouding up I will try to post classfd.tle and PPAS obs asap.
    Brad Young
    TULSA 1
    COSPAR 8336
    36.1397N, 95.9838W, 205m ASL
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