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From: George Olshevsky (
Date: Mon May 21 2007 - 12:17:46 EDT

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    On 5/21/07, Greg Roberts <> wrote:
    > Morning all
    > Read with interest the discussions about the TRW Space Logs-
    > did not realise they were collector items.
    Well, I know I collect(ed) them, and there's another Space Log
    collector in Spain (who bid against me for the first lot, and
    eventually got three of the four issues in that lot). Beyond that, who
    knows? Only people really interested in space publications would even
    know about Space Log, and there aren't too many of us. It's not like
    comic books!
    > What was the last volume issued? - I currently have Space Log
    > 1957-1987 Vol 23 and Space Log 1957 - 1991 Vol 27.  I should
    > also have one or two other issues but havent seen them for years
    > but then Ive got a lot of publications etc buried all over the
    > place.
    According to a letter from TRW, the last published issue was the
    combined volume 33-34, published in 1999, covering the two years
    > I also have a vague recollection that one could download them
    > from the internet ? - if so I should also have those.
    I have heard that the Summary Log of Space Launches, a regular feature
    in each Space Log issue, was maintained online by TRW for a while
    after 1999. But I have not been able to find the Web site. A
    description of its fate might be available in the SeeSat list archive.
    I think it would be neat if TRW could be persuaded to produce the
    booklets again, starting with a series of catch-up volumes covering
    years 1999 through 2007. It was a useful and interesting publication,
    and I'm sure it helped to advertise TRW in the industry.
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