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From: George Olshevsky (
Date: Mon May 21 2007 - 03:41:13 EDT

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    On 5/20/07, Phil Clark <> wrote:
    > Hi George
    > Just checking that in your complete set of Space Logs you do have "Issue 0"?
    > There was actually an issue prior to Vol 1, #1!   Tina Thompson, the last
    > editor of the Space Log, had two copies when she left TRW: she now has one
    > and I have the other.   She has no idea how many if the April 29, 1960 issue
    > were printed.   It's the same page size as the usual Log but it's printed on
    > only the right-hand side of the page.
    I read about the Space Log ashcan issue in your emails of a few years
    ago, in the SeeSat archives. Of course, I don't have a copy. How could
    I? It would be cute to add it to the collection, but since it wasn't
    distributed through normal channels (that is, by free subscription to
    anyone who asked for one), I won't miss it. Does it really say "Volume
    1 Number 0" in it somewhere, or is that just your own private
    designation? You might remember me in your will--except that I'll
    probably go first.
    My sub to Space Log ran from mid-1962 through 1982--some twenty
    years(!)--before inexplicably terminating (at the time, I thought the
    mag had just ceased publication--but it actually had some 16 more
    years to go). I had picked up all but two of the pre-1962 back issues
    in the mid-1960s by simply writing to TRW and by trading for MIT
    Aerospace Library duplicates. Most of the post-1982 issues I found as
    a solid run a couple of years ago at a book dealer on the Internet,
    when I learned that 1982 was not the last year of publication (I had
    to write TRW to find out whether and when the publication really
    ended). SeeSat list member Jos Heyman filled out the final three
    issues for me (a copy of the most interesting of which--the fat 1996
    issue--is actually up for auction at eBay right now). I had those two
    little pre-1962 holes in my run for more than 40 years, so having them
    both filled within a week strikes me as remarkable.
    Back in the 1970s when I was a rabid Marvel superhero comic-book
    collector, I learned about a giveaway comic, with stories of Marvel
    characters, that had appeared in 1939 several months ahead of the
    "official" first Marvel comic. Although printed, it apparently never
    reached the public--probably a distribution problem/dispute of some
    kind. Something like five or six copies survived in the artist's
    estate, and one Boston dealer cornered the market in them. He
    telephoned me with a deal, but I declined to pick one up because he
    wanted way too much. Fortunately, all the stories in the giveaway
    subsequently appeared in "official" Marvels, so I didn't miss
    Anyway, the resulting mess of duplicate Space Logs has temporarily
    turned me into a de facto Space Log dealer, at least until my "stock"
    sells off. They make a fun display; here is the URL:
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