Re: OT--Old Space Log issues on eBay

From: George Olshevsky (
Date: Sun May 20 2007 - 17:54:02 EDT

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    On 5/10/07, George Olshevsky <> wrote:
    > I recently picked up a lot of four 1961 Space Logs  on eBay that
    > included one of the two issues I was missing. I'm auctioning off the
    > three duplicates on eBay, in case anyone is interested.
    As something of a miracle, while those very Space Logs were up for
    auction (they're now sold, to a collector in Spain), a second lot of
    Space Logs appeared on eBay, and that lot had the other of my two
    wants(!!). So I slammed the Buy It Now button and thereby completed my
    Space Log run.
    Unfortunately, however, having to buy them in lots has left me with a
    bunch of duplicate early issues, 17 altogether, including Volume 1 #1
    and #2, which I've never seen listed before they turned up in the
    second lot. To defray the costs of those lots, I'm now auctioning them
    off one at a time at eBay. List members who might be interested in
    filling holes in their runs will find them there after searching for
    the words "space log." I've staggered the auctions to start at 2 PM
    PDT in 15-minute intervals through 6 PM, when the last of the issues
    will be listed.
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