RE: OE Astro and Nextsat re-mated?

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Sat May 19 2007 - 22:38:23 EDT

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    David Anderman wrote:
    > How is it possible that the Epoch 138.xxxx element set 
    > implies that NextSAT and ASTRO are mated, whereas your later 
    > observation shows them as over a kilometer apart? I can think 
    > of two explanations:
    > 1) Inaccuracy of the elements; and
    > 2) They mated and subsequently were separated for another test.
    I am inclined to believe #1.
    Had they re-mated, I suspect there would have been a fairly prompt announcement.
    Also, I strongly doubt that another test would have been initiated so quickly,
    especially, given the problems that arose during Scenario 3-1. It may take some
    time to resolve questions about the health of Astro's computers, and make any
    required changes in operations going forward. 
    I can imagine some of the later Scenarios being modified, given that the aborted
    Scenario 3-1 forced operations at separations planned for later Scenarios - that
    would require some time for analysis and planning.
    It is cloudy here tonight, so I am unlikely to be able to observe.
    Ted Molczan
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