SL-4 R/B Re-entry?

From: Ivanluisky (
Date: Tue May 15 2007 - 04:58:09 EDT

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    I received people's messages that saw a satellite reentering in Brazil
    on the state of São Paulo (04:33 UTC - 01:33 GMT -3). A person told me
    that recorded the same. I'm awaiting for the video. In the report the
    same said that were several traces and that went if disintegrating, of
    color orange reddened.
    He sighted the trails to the North, starting from the constellation of
    Aquila (about 45 degrees height), passing a little below Altair, between
    Delphinus and Sagitta, going ties Cygnus, for about 30 degrees, when the
    trails disappeared. The 30 degrees were traveled in about 10 to 20
    seconds. The episode happened at 1:33 (GMT-3) o'clock.
    A person that saw sent the following location of the observation
    "22 47 62 S"
    "47 04 23 W"
    SL-4 R/B  31394 / 07017B
    01:35:25 GMT-3/ 04:35:25 UTC Orbitron Screen
    Ivan Luís ( Rio de Janeiro , Brazil , 22.859°S, 43.215°W)
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