OE Astro observed with Nextsat

From: Ted Molczan (molczanssl@rogers.com)
Date: Tue May 15 2007 - 00:08:53 EDT

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    I observed Astro (07006A / 30772) on 2007 May 15 on passes at 01:59 UTC and at
    03:39 UTC. 
    I could not see Nextsat (07006C / 30774) on the first pass, due to thick haze.
    The much brighter Astro was barely visible using 25x100 binocs.
    By the time of the second pass, the sky had cleared somewhat, and I easily
    spotted Nextsat, trailing behind Astro by about 0.5 deg, at a range of approx
    650 km, which indicates linear separation around 5 km, about the same as last
    night. I do not know whether or not they maintained this separation in the
    As in previous observations, Astro was orange-red in colour, and at least 2 mag
    brighter than Nextsat. Astro briefly flared several mag brighter near 03:39:35
    UTC; it took on a blue-white colour during the flare.
    The following positions are of Astro:
    30772 07 006A   2701 G 20070515015939930 17 25 0745390+280099 27 S
    30772 07 006A   2701 G 20070515033909040 17 25 0858016+482458 18 S
    IOD format: http://www.satobs.org/position/IODformat.html
    Site 2701: 43.68764 N, 79.39243 W, 230 m
    Ted Molczan
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