2UNIDs - May 14/15, 2007

From: Greg Williams (k4hsm@lock-net.com)
Date: Mon May 14 2007 - 21:56:01 EDT

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    Using Heavens-Above for sat watching, and two rather bright UNIDs 
    appeared thus far.
    Location, Knoxville, TN
    One tracking WNW -> ESE about 45 - 50 degrees altitude, mag 2.5-3.0, 
    observed from 2129 - 2131 Eastern Time (0129 - 0131Z).
    At first I thought my system clock or some other seting was incorrect, 
    because this was too "bright" to not be on the list.  I observed Cosmos 
    1346 Rocket coming right on time, from N -> S when suddenly another 
    satellite came in the field of view almost directly overhead!  A bright 
    satellite, and a FAST one.  This one may be pretty low.  It was moving S 
    -> N.
    Cosmos 1346 Rocket's stats over my location as follows:
    Cosmos 1346 Rocket   ///   MAX MAG 3.8    ///  START 21:32:24       10  
         N    ///  PEAK  21:36:32      86       NE   /// END  21:40:48      
    10       S
    Pretty much at closest approach (21:36:32) was when I first noticed the 
    UNID moving north.  They came about 3 degrees from one another, but the 
    S -> N was going so fast, I doubt they were anywhere near the same altitude.
    If anyone as any info on either (epsecially the second one) I'd be 
    Gregory S. Williams
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