Possible? obs 91117 -13 May 2007

From: Greg Roberts (grr@telkomsa.net)
Date: Mon May 14 2007 - 05:01:19 EDT

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    Observations 13 May 2007:
    Cosatrak 1 (Computerised satellite Tracking System).
    MINTRON low light level CCD surveillance camera (0.005 lux typical
    in non integration mode) and 0.00005 lux in STARLIGHT mode with 128
    frame integration.
    Used with 50mm focal length f/1.8 lens,integrating for 128 frames
    which is equivalent to a max  exposure of 2.52 seconds per image but
    since I was electronic light control exposure duration under cloudy
    conditions can be MUCH less..
    Site 0433 : Longitude 18.51294 deg East, Latitude  33.94058 deg S,
    Elevation 10 metres - situated in Pinelands (Cape Town), South Africa
    91117 07 631A   0433 T 20070513171850300 56 15 1130520+261746 39  +105 05
    91117 07 631A   0433 T 20070513171932900 56 15 1133080+264839 39  +105 05
    91117 07 631A   0433 T 20070513172043400 56 15 1136470+273712 39  +105 05
    Conditions terrible, virtually solid cloud. Tracked blind on the
    provisional elements kindly supplied by Mike McCants and Scott Campbell
    as soon as it was dark enough in the hopes that somewhere along the pass
    there would be a small gap in the clouds. Only towards the end of the pass
    the cloud broke up a little but nothing was seen of the satellite in real
    time as the camera was not able to integrate properly due to the
    continuously changing cloud background. As tonight looks like a wash out
    again due to predicted rain I went through the DVD recording today in the
    hopes of being able to perhaps find something by integrating in software.
    Through clouds I found three possible images which I do not think are hot
    spots or dead pixels. These were measured and reported as above. I then
    added Teds latest orbit and found that the positions lay very slightly
    off his predicted track and matched his times. This may just be
    coincidence but seems a little too good to be that so the observations
    are hereby reported but I must stress that in "normal" circumstances I
    would be reluctant to use the observations as I was really pushing the
    integrations to the limit and images looked terrible.
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