Re: Hope AP forgives me for sharing this with the list!

Date: Sun May 13 2007 - 03:06:52 EDT

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    George Olshevsky wrote:
    > On 5/12/07, Leo Barhorst <> wrote:
    >> "George Olshevsky" <> wrote:
    >> > SpaceTrack lists one object as decayed January 2, 2007, and that's
    >> > 22656 1993-031D, an Ariane SPELDA interstage from the ASTRA 1C/ARASENE
    >> > launch. That would certainly be large enough to serve as the parent of
    >> > the object in the AP article.
    >> >
    >> Not likely as 1993-31 D was in a 5 degrees inclination orbit.
    >> New Jersey is much more to the north.
    > Right! Then it's either uncatalogued debris or, as Ted M. noted, not
    > orbited debris at all but some other kind of artificial object from a
    > more mundane source. Would be good to debunk this.
    > ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
    I had the opportunity to acquire the 'rock' but couldn't come up with 
    the purchase price.
    The landing site is just a short distance down the road from me.
    I would very much like to determine what it actually is.  Would 
    something of this size be un-catalogued?
    Can it definitely be linked to a specific object?
    If not an orbital decay, would an object from a plane look like this?
    Would falling from a plane let it tear through a roof?
    If not from orbit or from a plane, what else could it be?
    Jay Respler
                 Freehold, New Jersey
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