Re: Next KH reboost?

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Date: Fri May 11 2007 - 05:17:17 EDT

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    In my mail, I wrote U188 instead of U186 in some places.
    Another error: U161 perigee long is increasing to ~270
    so it is nowhere near the equator.
    And here is a caution:
    U186 has its perigee leaving the equator, on the "night"
    side, so its drag may be lower.
    U161 has perigee on the day side, so drag may increase
    despite perigee leaving the equator.
    So drag difference decreases, and the reboost may be in June.
    Because of short summer nights at my latitude, and
    U186 will be near its perigee for me at end of May,
    my last pass after civil twilight above 10 deg altitude
    will be May 23, so I cannot detect its maneuvre.
    Nor will it be visible at 34S
    But it should be easy at 41N (hint, hint ;-)
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