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Date: Thu May 10 2007 - 05:58:05 EDT

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    It is necessary to remeber that there are for the Russian launches toward ISS three different numbering schemes:
    a) ISS project flight number, consisting of serial number followed by one letter - either "S" as Soyuz or "P" as Progress (eg. ISS-25P = 25th Progress launched to ISS, but usually published by NASA PAO as Progress-25)
    b) RSC Energiya factory production number (eg. No. 360, sometimes given in NASA's publications as Progress-360)
    c) Russian sequential numbering scheme of different modifications of spacecraft (eg. Progress M-60).
    All the three above mentioned examples are designations of the same spacecraft.
    But the last of the above mentioned examples is used as entry in the UN Registry of Launched Objects, therefore it has to be regarded as official one.
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    < I guess NASA Public Affairs can use any nomenclature it wishes, but it does
    < not change the fact that it is Progress M-60.
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