Progress M-60 - Element Set and Visibility

From: Bob Christy (
Date: Wed May 09 2007 - 07:32:17 EDT

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    Progress M-60 is scheduled to launch from Baikonur to the ISS on May 12 at
    03:25:36 GMT. Some details, in Russian, are here (try Babelfish for a
    Docking with the ISS is due May 15 at 09:12 GMT +/- 3 min.
    This element set will be good for the first five or so circuits, by which
    time Spacetrack element sets should be available:
    1 99999U 07999A   07132.19648835  .01000000  12013-4  00000+0 0    00
    2 99999  51.5715 290.5119 0044198  80.8015 279.7288 16.24602160    18
    The orbit plane is badly placed for most peoples' visibility. 
    It should be observable from some parts of Australia during rev 3 and rev 4
    - approx five and 6.5 hours after launch respectively. Progress will be
    preceded by it's final rocket stsge that will be opening up a gap at a rate
    of about 5s per circuit.
    For the benefit of lay members - this is a search orbit and will be quite
    adequate to locate Progress M-60. It is subject to under/over performance of
    the Soyuz-U launch vehicle and takes no account of planned orbit
    adjustments. These are the reasons it has limited validity.
    Bob Christy
    Lincoln, UK
    53.2233 deg North
    0.6004 deg West 
    Height 59m 
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