Orbital Express Unmated

From: j.allport@utoronto.ca
Date: Sat May 05 2007 - 17:44:25 EDT

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    Hi Folks,
    ASTRO and NEXTSat are scheduled to go unmated to a distance of 10m  
    tonight. Demate time is currently scheduled for 23:22 MDT. I'm not  
    certain of the duration of unmated activity, but I would expect  
    approximately 2h (1 orbit + recede and approach time) to allow for  
    demate and remate to occur on passes over North America.
     From what I can tell (please correct if I'm wrong), most of the  
    activity appears to be obscured by sunlight or obscured by eclipse.  
     From my location in Toronto I may catch a view of the late stages in  
    the early morning at about 03:15 EDT.
    I'm not involved in any of the operations for this unmated activity,  
    so anything I've said could easily end up wrong. I think the only info  
    I've added to what I've seen in the public domain is the demate time.
    If anyone plans on trying to capture footage I'd be interested to hear  
    about it.
    I may try to capture a photo, but my setup is primitive.
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