unid flare seen

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat May 05 2007 - 12:11:48 EDT

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    Another unid flaring sat seen.
    At around 7:00:12 UTC ( May 5 ) a flaring sat was seen. I call it a flare, due to what ever object
    it was, slowly rotating. To long to be a flash.
    I can't match it to anything so far.
    If I think illogically, and allow for error's, then it might have been, the demo payload ( 28500 )
    as part of the first delta 4 heavy launch. That's all I am going to say, on this. Won't say what
    my illogical way of think is, on how I came to that result. 
    No other obs, as I had moved the scope shortly after. I hadn't notice the object, until I was
    playing back the video.
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