Re: Orbital surveillance satellites now exceed 1 inch resolution?

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Fri May 04 2007 - 09:26:43 EDT

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    --- John Locker <> wrote:
    > Its no problem with a target that just sits there and doesnt
    > move.......but if you can come up with a tracking programme that 
    > will give me a zillion frames of a fast moving satellite....the 
    > aspect of which is changing constantly , not to mention the shadow 
    > effect from its solar panels.................and I'll buy it !
    But the lucky exposure technique and a variant that works with image
    segments has been successfully used to image satellites since the
    middle of the 1990s, notably by Ron Dantowitz and Marek Kozubal (both
    of whom used to post here).
    Of relevance to Lacrosse, see Dantowitz' article in the August 1998
    issue of Sky & Telescope and
    Probably further discussion should be off list.
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