My mount is back:)

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Thu May 25 2006 - 16:22:20 EDT

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    My mount I had sent to be repaired is back!!!!
    Perfect timing, as I go back to my normal work schedule. 
    So I can again track satellites across the sky, using my tracking mount setup as shown at
    Perfect now to track the apple geo sat, and see when it flashes brightly. 
    Oh ya
    Looks like they changed the handcontroller. As I had version 4.10 of the software used by the
    handcontroller, in the handcontroller I sent them along with the mount. Yet the handcontroller I
    got today, had version 4.03. That and the plastic cover on the lcd screen is there. I had removed
    I was sleeping when it came, and they had left by the front door . Lucky no one made off with it,
    with it just sitting there. Someone else in the house put in the house, when they came back from
    being out.
    So happy now. I can again use my 4 inc refractor.
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