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From: George Olshevsky (george.olshevsky@gmail.com)
Date: Tue May 02 2006 - 14:54:35 EDT

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    My summary log project is now complete through the year 1966 (85 pages
    long, all objects ever catalogued in orbit, with
    initial/earliest-known orbital elements). If you'd like a copy and are
    a registered Space Track user, simply drop me an email with your
    request. I've corrected some typos in the 1957-1965 part of the log,
    and I'm in the process of changing the "orbital behavior pattern"
    (OBP) codes from one character to two (to make them more mnemonic), so
    persons who have copies of earlier versions of the list may want to
    upgrade/update them.
    On to 1967, which though long on launches is rather short on fragments
    (like 1966) and should not take more than a week or two to wade
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