Re: Misterious satellite flare

From: Fco. Javier Iruretagoyena (
Date: Tue May 24 2005 - 20:32:09 EDT

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    Hi Bram,thanks for your mail
    ERS1 could be a candidate, but seeing the trajectory of this sat passed very
    close to zenith from my position at that time towards the north and passed
    very close to polaris star. 
    The flare we saw was very close to Vega star. Hai Yang 1 passed exactly in
    the position of the misterious flare but it was at 20:49 UTC and the flare
    was at 21:13 UTC
    Thank you very much again for your information Bram
    clear skies,
    Zaragoza, Spain
    41.6406 N
    -0.8753 W
    Alt: 253m.
    Datum: WGS84
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    De: Bram Dorreman
    Fecha: 05/25/05 02:05:51
    Para: Fco. Javier Iruretagoyena
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    Hello Javi,
    You wrote:
    > In subtitution appeared a
    > flare in the other direction (going toward the north) about at 21:13. The
    > flare was magnitude about -3 (visual appreciate)
    I do not know where at the sky you saw that bright flare.
    Going north and also in north at that time was satellite ERS 1 (Earth
    Resources satellite) 1991-050A #21574.
    This satellite can shown very bright flares, sometimes with a red hue. May
    be this is a candidate.
    Another interesting satellite these days is 2002-024A #27430 named Hai Yang
    1. This shows several negative magnitude flashes during one transit. At
    least at my location.
    happy observing,
    Bram Dorreman
    Collector PPAS observations
    COSPAR 4160
    51 16' 45.5" N 5 28' 36.6" E (WGS84) 35 m
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