Ang: Misterious satellite flare

Date: Tue May 24 2005 - 18:33:37 EDT

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    Meteor 2-10 was going in the opposite direction on a nearly parallell track, 
    crossing were the flare was, at about 21:13:50
    >Tonight at 23:11, my friend JC and me were waiting for two little Iridium
    >flares at 21:11 and 21:12 UTCin my city.
    >The first Iridium passed at the predicted time with the predicted brightness
    > It was Iridium 54.
    >After that, we were waiting for the second iridium (Iridium 16). I had read
    >that it was deorbited and it was substituted by the iridium 86. We were
    >waiting for a Iriidium in the same direction of Iriidium 54. The surprise
    >was that the predicted Iridium 16 wasn't present. In subtitution appeared 
    >flare in the other direction (going toward the north) about at 21:13. The
    >flare was magnitude about -3 (visual appreciate) 
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