From: Stephan Szyman (szymanss@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 11:34:59 EDT

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    could someone please help me identify the object i saw from
    38.7226 N, 90.3880 W (st. ann MO USA)
    sunday morning  may 16th  09:22:20 UTC
    it was in hercules near Sarin and MU Herc, moving  right and upward toward 
    Eltanin and Rastaban in Draco,  fairly slowly,  very dim.  I lost sight of 
    it within a few seconds and was unable to reacquire it. probably it was  
    between Mag 4 and 4.5, possibly dimmer but I doubt it because the light 
    pollution here SUCKs.
    HA didn't show anything there at the above time.
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