Re: Help with use of AGI tles for Nova for Windows

From: Mike McCants (
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 20:31:23 EDT

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    Note that the AGI web site now says:
    AGI has obtained permission to redistribute space surveillance data to STK
    users via its online Satellite Database. The Satellite Database, which had not
    been updated since February 15, 2005, is now up-to-date and will be
    continually updated as long as we retain permission to redistribute the catalog
    So it would seem that this is a source for the full catalog that
    is not from
    You have to register with a valid email address so that a password
    can be sent to that address.
    John asked:
    >i just downloaded satellite elsets from AGI
    > I AM trying to use them on my
    >nova for windows but they don`t work. can anyone tell me how to make them
    >work on it
    I downloaded and installed the "demo" version of Nova for Windows.
    The "tce" file from the PC zip file from AGI is about 1.4 megabytes
    and has nearly 9000 tles.
    These are "two line elements".  When I try to bring this data
    into the satellite database for Nova for Windows, it prompts me for
    for the "name" (of any satellite that is not currently in its database?).
    So I created a program to change the tles to three line elements.
    That didn't do any good.
    So I held down the "Enter" key for 5 minutes so that the program
    created default names for each of the 8000 objects.
    Then I created a view by selecting one object from the list of 8000.
    Then the program showed a map of the world with the current
    location of that object.
    Then I uninstalled the program.
    Mike McCants
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