Ouestion on Tag for Pageos 1

From: Thomas Dorman (drygulch_99@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed May 18 2005 - 14:36:32 EDT

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    There is some question has to the tag for Pageos 1.I
    have received e-mail that says that this tag is a mix
    up with Westford Needles sat.Can anyone clear up this
    satellite tag.I have observed twice in the last week
    the object tagged as Pageos 1 or A.The sat is running
    early by 15 to 20 seconds.If every thing work out hope
    to have images in the next month with the help from
    one of my astronomy club members.
    Observation on May 14, I observed a second object
    running ahead and just to one side of the Pageos 1
    tagged sat. track. On May 17 could not pick up this
    second object.The moon was out that morning so this
    may be why the second object was not seen.Cannot rule
    out that it was another sat that happened to be in the
    area and traveling in the same direction.
    My interest in this sat is that if it is correctly
    tagged this is last large remains of the U.S. passive
    balloon satellite program. Also this sat has been in
    orbit come next June 2006 for 40 years.Hope this is
    not a bother. Many thanks ahead of time for any help
    in this matter.
    Thomas Dorman
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