Re: Double Iridium Flare

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Sun May 15 2005 - 14:57:30 EDT

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    To get more than 15 second exposures Dana has had some others taking 
    pictures (at -80 F)of the unique double iridium flares at the south pole. 
    Two that I just received show the double flare off single satellite very 
    nicely. As far as I can tell they are as yet not posted on his website yet 
    so just in case I'm offering them to anyone now. If anybody wants me to send 
    them a copy of the two double flare images just ask privately and I'll try 
    to send them right out.
    Speaking of one of the photos he says, "At that time the flare was only 
    about -4 and the doubles lasted almost until this morning NZDT." Then he 
    went on to say, "They are -8's all day today every 9 minutes and 8 seconds 
    or so, but the secondary flares is all but gone for now and the weather is 
    getting lousy. I have to walk to my telescope now and I will see flares 
    every 9 minutes all the way there."
    Seeing them this often and this bright at the south pole is just what I was 
    writing out in my first post about this topic years ago. This is exciting to 
    me. :~)
    Tom  Iowa  USA 
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