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Date: Sun May 15 2005 - 05:50:07 EDT

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    Nice "blue sky " Lunar transit by ISS last night although slightly spoiled 
    by thin  high cloud.
    It took place at 1931 gmt .
    For me this was a test run to see how accurately I could position for future 
    Having first surveyed an appropriate site and taken  GPS readings , the 
    actual track results were spot on when compared to predictions.
    ( Have found in the past that taking references off mapping sw can result in 
    discrepancies of between 50 and 100 metres)
    ISS arrived about a second early.
    Laptop had been synchronised to GPS shortly before the run.  1.5 mb
    John data
    20h31m11.70s ISS Crosses the disk of Moon. Separation: 0.016d  Position 
    Angle: 66.0d
    Angular Velocity: 50.3'/s.  Transit duration: 0.59s
    Angular diameter: 41.2"  size: 73.0m x 44.5m x 27.5m
    Satellite at az: 230.9d SW  h: 51.2d  dist: 450.0 km  mag=-0.9m
    Satellite apparently moves to direction 332.9
    Path direction:  89.5d E  ground speed: 7.566 km/s  width: 4.1 km  max. 
    duration: 0.6 s 
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