Double Iridium Flares at the South Pole

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Sat May 14 2005 - 13:24:55 EDT

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    The following e-mail in quotes I just got from Dana at the south pole. Looks 
    like the "gotta see those iridium flares bug" is spreading down there! :~) 
    He asks a question that I am passing along. Thank you Gerhard Holtkamp and 
    the others for your input and help in this interesting endeavor. Should I 
    recommend iridiflare to him?
    By the way, it looks like he's going to get some nice aurora down there 
    within the next day or two as well. Dana has been getting lots of flare and 
    aurora pictures but his digital camera only goes to 15 seconds. Read more in 
    his e-mail.
    Thanks again!
    Tom  Iowa  USA
    We are having the May 14 and 15 -8 flares (actually they will be flaring 
    at -8 in about 3 hours) that Gerhard Holtkamp mentioned in his e-mail you 
    sent me, he mentioned that the flare was going to be from front antenna 
    which is unusual, because all flares are caused by the right rear antenna 
    and he said there would be no difference on the appearance on the ground, 
    but there is a big difference. I am seeing double flares. In fact I have 
    been seeing double flares all day while walking my 3 miles to my outer 
    buildings. There is the initial flare that looks like they usually do and 
    then the satellite almost disappears for about 15 seconds and then it flares 
    again, but slightly less intense. I am getting lots of photos of these and 
    will send some. My digital camera only goes up to 15 seconds exposure, so I 
    am taking 35 mm shots at 1 minute or more, but I have some friends who are 
    taking longer exposures with their digital cameras and I will get them 
    The photos look very unusual. Have either of you seen this? I have only seen 
    double flares at the same time by two satellites.
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