OT- sun pillar Tuesday, May 10th

From: Monroe Harden (hardenm@sprynet.com)
Date: Thu May 12 2005 - 11:17:16 EDT

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    Hello everyone,
    Please pardon the off topic question and cross posting... but I would like to know if anyone happened to see a very large, bright sun pillar before sunrise, at about 0530 EDT, on May 10th, from the east coast of the USA.
    I saw this from my home in northeastern Maryland (Havre de Grace, by the top of the Chesapeake Bay), and it was shown on TV from a tower cam in Baltimore.  A member of our local astronomy club said he saw it from the north side of the Washington DC beltway.
    I am curious about how large of an area can see the same sun pillar.  If anyone outside of the area I mentioned (ie south of DC or north of Maryland), on or near the US east coast, saw this pillar, please let me know.  To avoid list clutter you can email me privately at hardenm at sprynet dot com.
    A couple of photos of the pillar, taken from my back yard (with a Coolpix 4500, so this isn't entirely off topic for digital-astro.....) can be seen here:  http://monroe.20m.com/pillar.htm
    Monroe Harden
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