Re: Problems with norad

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sun May 08 2005 - 20:10:32 EDT

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    At 09:24 AM 9/05/05, you wrote:
    >Hello to all
    >My skymap when check the full catalog downloaded from spacetrack updated
    >makes me a warning:
    >ECC or MM out of range (Tle updated?) with NORAD #28587
    >Same with Norad #28635
    >What is the problem with these satellites? What is the meaning of this
    >Thank you very much
    If you look at the TLEs you will see they are both old,with very large drag term
    and skymap is working out current Mean motion and eccentricity, which would
    both be outside physical constraints, like eccentricity must be greater than zero
    and Mean motion less than 17.5 ( orbit at earth's surface).
    Tony Beresford
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