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Date: Sat May 07 2005 - 11:15:05 EDT

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    Hi Phil,
    Yes , its hard to tell what is ...and what isnt L5
    I notice in your VRML you indicate Lac 3 may have dual arrays .......One of 
    the things that confused me about my image was that I thought I could also 
    see "twin" solar panels......which may have been partially deployed  between 
    your capture on the 1st ...and mine on the 5th.
    We could do with someone else taking some pics to see what they get :O)
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    Subject: Lacrosse 5 Images
    > Hi John and everyone
    > I also had a go at imaging Lacrosse 5 on 1st May from north-west England. 
    > The results of this and other Lacrosse images are on this web page
    > Unfortunately the shape I have doesn't seem to tie up with John's image. 
    > However I didn't really get many good frames and so I need more 
    > observations. Incidentally I have determined the size of Lacrosse 3 as 
    > 32m. Previous results for Envisat have been a few metres too big so maybe 
    > it's about 28 to 30m.
    > I had another chance to observe Lacrosse 5 last week but I was 
    > experimenting with a WebCam instead of the usual Camcorder and I got 
    > nothing.
    > cheers
    > Philip Masding
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