Launch of Titan-4: a sighting from Garrison, NY

Date: Mon May 02 2005 - 10:21:21 EDT

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    I have a service where I alert members of the general public to unusual 
    celestial events.  Here is a report I have just received from Garrison, NY (Putnam 
    County) about his sighting of the Titan-4 launch on Friday night.  -- joe rao
    Subj:   Re: ALERT: Titan IV B-30 launch tonight!    
    Date:   5/2/05 9:20:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time 
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    Joe - 
    we ran out with as four-year-old and a five-year-old wrapped in blankets at
    8:50pm and looked toward Jupiter (? very bright in the east) which was
    visible from moment to moment in the mist. 
    We looked and looked for 5 full minutes.  Then at 8:56, just as three of us
    were looking north at a plane, one of the little girls cried, "ohh, look,"
    and there, just below Jupiter, came the clean (though subdued in the thin
    clouds) light of the Titan 2nd stage, followed, if you could believe it, by
    the first stage. 
    We were thrilled!
    Thanks for letting us know to look. 
    - Fred & Anne Osborn 
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