Re: Hudson, Iowa ISS-Jupiter encounter

From: John Locker (
Date: Sat May 29 2004 - 01:47:32 EDT

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    Hi Tom
    > P.S. Has anyone else sensed that it looks like a transit is not going to
    > occur when the satellite is at least 15 degrees from an object that you
    > it is going to cross? Is this an illusion?
    Quick answer....yes , very much so.
    When trying to catch the station crossing Mars a few months back , I really
    thought I had mistaken   a bright star for the planet . Both myself and son
    Andrew stood in the darkness , in unfamiliar surroundings , saying , no way
    is this going to happen !....But it did.
    To the naked eye it was a direct hit , .......but as we now know , through
    the camera lens it proved to be separated by about .07 degrees.
    Simulation... on the page
    BTW is a new , small ,
    animation which shows most of the May 23 pass.
    Quality isnt very good , but what it does show is just how much the truss
    radiators "glow"
    From a very wet and cloudy UK  :O(
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