Re: Hudson, Iowa ISS-Jupiter encounter

From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Fri May 28 2004 - 21:50:14 EDT

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    > P.S. Has anyone else sensed that it looks like a transit is not going to occur
    when the satellite is at least 15 degrees from an object that you know it is
    going to cross?
    I dunno- I only predict them, I never get to actually see them....
    Actually, I have seen a few solar transits, though of course you only see them
    as they're happening.  I actually have a 63 elevation solar transit predicted
    for tomorrow, only a mile or so away (according to Monday's prediction- the MCC
    hasn't updated the ISS TLE page since then, so I guess I'll have to check OIG
    and/or CalSKY for some fine tuning), and miracle-of-miracles the weather
    forecast for tomorrow is "mostly sunny," so I'm hoping to bag my first video:
    Monday, there's a 51 Jupiter encounter predicted 61 miles away, thru Charlotte,
    NC.  If the weather offers some hope of actually being able to see it, I'll give
    that one a go.
    A year ago, right after I got my 'scope (the SE U.S. had the wettest spring on
    record last year, naturally!), I did actually get to see a sunlit lunar transit-
    the storm clouds were very accomodating in almost totally clearing just before
    the transit.  As the ISS crossed the lunar terminator into darkness, it seemed
    to explode with a brilliance I could almost feel!
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