ISS imaging.... "handy tip " illuminating your crosshairs :O)))

From: John Locker (
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 10:03:43 EDT

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    From the amount of mail  I have had recently , I get the impression that
    there are a number of "would be" ISS imagers out there.
    If you are going to try an catch the station in your telescope view finder ,
    you might find this tip helpful.
    Ideally  , a finder scope with illuminated cross hairs should be used , as
    its easy to lose the centre of the cross hairs in a dark sky  when the
    target is moving.
    I dont have such a luxury....however  if you check you local "" or "$" shop
    you may well find some kids glow stick tubes..(here in the UK they are 1
    for 15 sticks ) ...these are thin tubes filled with a glowing substance.When
    you bend them , they start to glow :O)
    They fit nicely , when formed into a circular shape , into the aperture of a
    standard 8x50 finder scope , and give off a gentle glow for up to 48 hours ,
    enough to illuminate the cross hairs without hindering  vision !
    Works a treat !
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