RE: Apollo 16 Saturn 4B tles guess

From: Dale Ireland (
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 18:03:17 EDT

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     sorry, I meant that if you took the Moon out of the picture was the S4B
    traveling at a velocity that meant it would enter solar orbit or stay in
    Earth orbit. The follow-up posts and yours indicate it was still in Earth
    orbit, and, can you tell by looking at a TLE if the satellite will be
    escaping Earth orbit.
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    From: Mike McCants [] 
    Dale Ireland asked:
    >First, if the Saturn
    >4B missed the Moon wasn't it heading for solar orbit.
    Since there were working seismic detectors on the moon from previous
    missions, many of the Saturn S4Bs were deliberately re-targeted to hit the
    moon after the CSM and LM had separated from the S4B.
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