Obs May 26; Progress and ISS

From: Leo Barhorst (leobarhorst@zonnet.nl)
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 17:25:48 EDT

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    Just saw Progress-M1 11 in between clouds passing just above delta Corvus.
    04- 02 A 04-05-26 20:53:26.84LB                       S, 3
    At 21:09:05.76 ISS passed just south of Gamma Corvus; it was S, mag 1.
    So Progress-M1 11 was 15: 40 min in front of ISS.
    Watched the ISS path for about 9 minutes there after but nothing was seen.
    Still no TLE's for the new Progress on OIG.
    Are they keeping it secret?
    The URL explaning the numbers :
    Greetings and clear, dark skies
    Leo Barhorst, Medemblik NL
    Cospar 4252 52.76350 N 5.09114 E 2 m ASL
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