Re: Apollo 16 Saturn 4B tles guess

From: j smith (
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 11:54:00 EDT

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    For the Apollo 16 Saturn booster that impacted the Moon, from the Apollo 16 Saturn V launch vehicle report AS-511, pg 17-5 (lunar impact section)....
    Geocentric Orbit Parameters following APS Impact Burn
    Semimajor Axis   232057  km
    Eccentricity                .971884
    C3, km^2/s^2               -1.717695   (twice the specific energy of the orbit)
    Perigee Radius               6525 km
    Range Time             20461.4 seconds
    GMT Time, 16 April, 22hr:12 min:07 sec=  Range time 4 hr:18min:7 sec.(15487sec)
    Other stuff available if useful.
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