Re: Apollo 16 Saturn 4B tles guess

From: Moritz Heger (
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 11:30:48 EDT

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    TLEs can be used to calculate position and velocity in an earth centered
    coordinate system, from which the position and velocity at every other time
    in any other coordinate system can be calculated, favorably by numerical
    means. The limit of accuracy is given by the initial position and velocity
    which propably is not too good if the TLE it is based upon is only an
    approximation, mainly because the calculation may have some chaotic
    properties due to a short pass with the moon and a final orbit close to the
    During the Apollo missions there was measurement of at least the spacecraft
    trajectory between earth and moon by Doppler radar. I would suggest to look
    for such data first when one wants to calculate solar orbits of debris
    stages. I do not know if the Horizons Ephemeris System gives this data for
    Apollo stages.
        Moritz Heger, Ingolstadt, Germany
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