Apollo TLE to Keplarian elements

From: Dale Ireland (direland@drdale.com)
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 12:59:47 EDT

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    I wanted to plot the position of the Apollo 16 Saturn IVB booster in
    trans-lunar trajectory (on the way to the Moon) in 1972.
    I obtained the two line elements, which I "believe" are the trans-lunar
    1 00601U          63174.97885867  .00885526                        27
    2 00601  69.8619 172.9878 0483667 138.6852 225.0868 15.21267116  1270
    Nova For Windows doesn't see these as valid elements. Probably because the
    satellite has escaped Earth orbit. How can I convert these two line elements
    into Sun centered Keplarian elements for use in other planetarium programs.
    Or is there a way to use them in NFW?
    Dale Ireland
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