TVSat 2 (89-062A)

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 04:11:56 EDT

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    Last night I managed to stumble on TVSat 2 (89-062A, 20168)
    and watched it from 4:09:25 to the last flash I was able to
    see, at 4:40:18 UTC.  Sometimes it would flash twice in five 
    seconds, but mainly it flashed at least as bright as +5 
    magnitude on some but not every multiple of two minutes.  I 
    was at the Ney Museum grounds: 30.307N, 97.727W, 150m, using 
    8x42 binoculars.
    Non-obs of LRE (01-038A, 26898).  It made a low pass to the
    south at a distance of under 800 km, in twilight.  I could
    not find it.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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