Re: Observations of Apollo missions

From: Oscar A. Rodriguez / PMEE-SPACE (
Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 00:33:07 EDT

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    Hi Ed,
    I have a collection of telescopic photographs taken from the Naval
    Observatory in San Fernando (Cadiz, Spain). They are reportedly from
    mission Apollo-8. Since the number "1975" is written on the back of
    the main photograph, I think the photos could be from a dumping from
    the S-IVB stage of Saturn-IB's Apollo-Soyuz mission.
    You can view one of those photographs here:
    If I can be of help on this matter, please let me know.
    Best regards,
    Oscar (Cadiz, Spain).-
    Ed Cannon wrote:
      >Prof. Bill Keel has posted on the sci.astro.satellite.visual-observe
      >newsgroup a message regarding his www collection of images and
      >related information about telescopic tracking/observation of Apollo
      >and in that message says that he's interested in more examples,
      >especially of the last two or three missions.
      >Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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