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Date: Sun May 23 2004 - 16:53:12 EDT

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    >From:        Dale Ireland,
    > Hi
    >That is very interesting. Is there a location online that has vectors or
    >tle's for the early translunar coasting phases of the missions (first day or
    >two). I am especially interested in Apollo 12 and 16. I would like to
    >simulate them in Dance Of The Planets or sat tracking program.
    >Dale Ireland
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    >From: Ed Cannon [] 
    >Prof. Bill Keel has posted on the sci.astro.satellite.visual-observe
    >newsgroup a message regarding his www collection of images and related
    >information about telescopic tracking/observation of Apollo
    >and in that message says that he's interested in more examples, especially
    >of the last two or three missions.
    >Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
    Greetings Gentlemen;
    I have been a quiet member of this list for some time.  I am not
    very well versed in the satellite tracking that you are all doing,
    however I just began to understand TLE's a little bit about 3 months
    ago...thus I usually remail silent and learn bit by bit from your
    collective wisdom.
    This item about Apollo cannot pass without my commenting and inviting
    discussion.  I'm interested in the Apollo program enough that I'd like
    to invite those who wish... to join a mailing list that I created a few
    weeks ago for NASA.  For the time being, I'd really like to see this
    discussion about the apollo missions (as well as general NASA talk)
    take off and be I have a place available for that.
    Since I'm a bit reluctant to get myself booted off the list for
    spamming, please email me if interested in going onto that list.
    ( Subject: Nasa List )
    (Unless the list master allows me to post the link here.)
    Apologies if this is off topic or innapropriate for this context.
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