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Date: Sun May 23 2004 - 03:53:02 EDT

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    Regarding IGS 1B:
    >could it have flared to this extent ?.....Calsky puts it as 
    >mag 3-4 !
    A while back Mike McCants and I saw it at about +2 magnitude
    at a range of 1300 km:
    and I'm pretty sure that I've seen it flare on other occasions.
    This page says it's a synthetic aperture radar payload:
    However, on the other hand, FAS hint if not says that it 
    may be very similar to Ikonos 1, which is a visual imaging 
    This page (with a huge URL) has images of Ikonos 1:
    That's the Ikonos link on this page:
    Maybe both Space and Tech and FAS can both be correct?
    I read that IGS 1B has a four-day repeat track cycle.
    Mike and I observed for a while Saturday PM at BCRC but were 
    shut down early by our seasonal low clouds.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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